Residential building

Project Description

Service centre is a G+26,G+11 residential building with project size as :

  1. 1) 8 Buildings with G+26 Floors:-
    Ground floor:784.701 m2
    1st -26th: 20384 m2

  2. 2) 16 Buildings with G+11 Floors:-
    Ground floor:784.701 m2
    1st -11th: 8631.711 m2

Total area: approx. 169,349.608 m2, G+26(8 Buildings)
approx. 138,107.376 m2, G+11(16 Buildings)

The service centre has variety of services to offer such as:
  1. Parking Area
  2. Apartment( 1BHK,2BHK)
  3. Service and Storage.
  4. Park
  5. wellness services such as a fitness center.


Creating 3D Model in LOD 400 With the Help of DWG . Along with it sheet production is there from Schematic drawing to Construction Drawing to Detail Drawing with all interior details.

The challenges were faced to make knowledge base as per client's requirement and standards. (As this was the very first modelling project of a kind).

Regular technical coordination meetings were held and timely RFIs were raised to mitigate the risks.

Software Used

Revit and AutoCAD

Project Status