Who we are

Intelligent Consulting Engineers (ICE) is a multidisciplinary BIM and engineering consultancy providing services throughout the building’s life cycle, from design to property management. Since 2015, our diverse team of experienced Engineers, Architects, Modelers, and Technicians, have successfully utilized the full potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for efficient project deliveries, shortened project lead times, and cost savings for our esteemed clients in the AEC Industry.

Due to our cost-effective locations, flexible deployment terms, and a big talent pool, ICE has inspired the confidence of our clients in the global AEC industry. Our business model and value system have given us the privilege to service some of the best companies in the world. These business associations have turned into valuable partnerships through loyalty, trust and mutual success.


ICE works internationally from offices in Finland, India and North America.

Our geographic footprint stretches across more than 15 countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. As a result, we gain the indigenous knowledge from all over the world and use it to benefit our client’s projects. We also provide solutions as per client specific requirements and languages, be it English, Finnish, Swedish, etc. Our team has professionals/ experts from different countries to aid us in achieving the aforementioned.

ICE Offices

Global Footprint

Our Vision

Lead the global AEC industry to transform the built environment for a better future for stakeholders and community.
Great Customer Experience by proactively responding to client’s needs and striving to exceed their expectations.
Attractive Employer for talent across the globe.
Desired partner for our clients.


At ICE, we strongly believe that values create an organization. Our values impact every decision we make.It is for this belief, that we live our values effortlessly each day at ICE!

We are serious and uncompromising in our commitment of doing the right things. While doing business with us, our clients can expect to witness unflinching integrity.

Our people are our values’ ambassadors and pillars of success. We create an inclusive workplace and offer opportunities where each one of our people can reach their full potential.

We strive to be on top of technology to serve our customers in the most useful and significant way. With our strong focus on leveraging the latest technology, we aim to straighten out the most challenging construction complexities for our clients.

Trust is our foundation. We develop trust by listening, following through and keeping our word. Living up to clients’ expectations at each stage of the project is our commitment.

We take steps to make a positive impact on the earth, enriching the communities and building a better future for next generations.


We are driven by our objectives. It helps us to realise our full potential and promotes focus, prioritisation and accountability.

Best Employers

Our agenda is simple. Our employees are our Brand. We passionately believe in being the best employers in terms of growth and development. We grow along with our employees.

Social Responsibility

Our work allows us to help people learn and earn. We also aspire to be an organization which can lead the way to help create learning courses for niche skills like BIM.: Ultimately our hope is to provide services and work on projects that will better enrich the communities that we all live in.

We are like sphinx

Always ready to renew. Upgrade our skills. The idea behind it is simple. Our aim is to provide you with the most ‘efficient’ output.


Projects that can be delivered in a sustainable manner, that would help us create a better built environment.

BIM Experts

We are what you would want. Quick, professional, technically adept, articulate, clear and cost efficient. We aspire to be your dream team.