Building Component Manufacturers

ICE offers product design and programming solutions to many of the clients in Europe , USA and Canada. Our team of dedicated designers and engineers is always ready to give the support you need for a great design with your products.

ICE specialises in the following
BCM services:

We provides the following services in Structural design fields:

  • Design of precast and steel connections, inserts and lifting systems
  • Fatigue design of welded joints using local stress approach

We provide the following services in the Software development field:

  • Development of engineering software including interactive 2D / 3D graphics for structural members and connections design.
  • Development of 3rd party plugins for automatization of modeling and design of structures including finite element method computation.
  • Development of software for marketing and technical description of product 3D experience.
  • Website development and cloud-based systems.

Who can Benefit?

  • Supplier of precast accessories and concrete connections
  • Supplier of steel and composite connections and members

Sample Rendered Products

3D Rendering Samples and Animation of Concepts