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With our projects spanning geographies of Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, we aid precast manufacturers with our in-depth understanding of precast production and assembly processes. Since 2015, we have detailed more than 17,000 elements which includes hollow core slabs, wall panel, sandwich panel, column, beam, and special structures.

We have a dedicated team of 40+ Precast engineers , 80 +experienced technicians, QC Heads, Team Leads, and Project Managers for structural precast concrete work. All the team members have a thorough understanding and expertise on various codes and standards (BS – British Codes, Euro codes,
IS Indian codes, NZ Building codes , ACI American codes, CSA Canadian codes etc.)

ICE specialises in the following
precast services:

ICE specialists

Structural analysis & Design

  • Load Calculations and development of FEM model
  • Global analysis and Design of CIS & Precast Elements
  • Precast connections design
  • Peer review and value engineering
Precasters ICE specialists 2

GA, Shop Drawings & BOQ

  • Layouts, Framing Plans & Elevations
  • Foundation and Anchor Bolt Plan
  • Element Workshop Drawings
  • Elements such as sandwich walls, solid walls, Double Walls, solid slabs and beams, Balcony slabs, Hollow core slabs, Double T slabs, and Form/Filigree, Inverted T or Ledge beams/girders, stair flights and landing slabs
  • Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)
Precasters ICE specialists

Construction Documentation

  • List of drawings, mentioning revision log
  • List of cast in materials (embedment)
  • List of erection materials (connection plates, etc)
  • Full Project Erection Simulation

Sample Projects

National Cancer Centre
National Cancer Centre
Student Apartments, Finland
Northlink Phase II, Canada
Kallang fire station,Singapore
Secondary Technical School, UAE